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About Me

It starts with a question:
“What do you want to be when you grow up?”

     As a kid, there wasn’t one specific word that defined a person that wanted to take part in all things that were creative. There was musician, painter, writer, but never that one, all-encompassing word to define what is now “a creative.”

     Hi, I’m Natalie Puchalski – a 22-year-old multidisciplinary creative, who is passionate about all things involving design or creation. I particularly love graphic design, singing & songwriting, acting, and video editing.

     I’m currently wrapping up my 4th year at the Schulich School of Business pursuing an iBBA, with a specialization in Marketing, but to say that a business student is all that I am would be a mistake.

     So who is Natalie Puchalski really? She’s whoever she chooses to be on any given day. A chameleon, shaping and re-shaping herself with every new experience and piece of inspiration that she comes across. You’ll never see her look quite the same more than once. She lives in a constant state of birth and rebirth with both her art and herself, adjusting and readjusting her being into one that suits her needs and wants. Of course, she is still discovering herself on this long journey that is life, but she knows that you should live for today and all the opportunities it holds.